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How to Write a Biography Like a Professional Writer

A biography and an autobiography are very similar. They present a statement of facts and information about human life in chronological order. You can write a biography about another person. An autobiography is written about yourself. Writing a biography should have a goal to present the life and achievements of the figure.

How to Write a Biography About Yourself

Before starting biography writing, most begin to doubt their own abilities. “What if my story is uninteresting?” “I can’t formulate my thoughts on paper!” “I get scared that I can’t remember anything.” Remember: this is absolutely normal! You may have been upset at school for poor grades for your essays. Maybe someone told you something negative and put you in doubt about your writing talent.

Take a voice recorder or note application on your phone where you can record voice (the program should record and type the words based on your voice). Tell your life story as if you were telling it to your friend, child, or stranger. Are you not shy telling them about your work or meeting your spouse? When you are finished telling your memories, listen to or re-read the resulting text. Correct errors and each inaccurate sentence. Your biography is ready!

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Why You Need Help Writing a Biography About Yourself

Typically, a biography (autobiography) is required for employment. In this case, you will need to fill out the questionnaire provided by the employer. But in some companies they may ask to write an autobiography instead of using the questionnaire, and in this case you need to know what to write about and how to write a biography essay.

How to Write a Short Biography: Structure

Complete data

At the very beginning, you must specify your first name, last name, date and place of birth, and place of residence. Usually an autobiography begins with the words, “I, Harvey W. Rogers, was born in the city of N. on 01/01/1981.”

Education information

Include your school, college, university, what courses you additionally passed, and what results (diploma, awards, academic degree, etc.) you achieved. For employment, attention should be paid to specialized courses, giving more about them. And if you are writing an autobiography for a family tree, then you will describe all the points in detail, since any detail will be interesting to your descendants.

Previous job

While writing a good biography, you need to indicate the place of work and the period of work there, starting with the most recent one. If at the previous job you had outstanding achievements (awards, bonuses, incentives), then it is worth mentioning this in the autobiography.

Other information

Depending on the profile of the organization, you can specify information about participation in wars and other military service. Did you receive any combat injuries and rewards? Depending on the organization in which you are applying for a job, questions may vary.

Sometimes companies want to learn more about their future employee, therefore they ask for information about hobbies, interests, political views, and other things in the autobiography. If you, as an applicant, do not want to talk too much about this, then you can formulate the information concisely and neutrally.

Biography writing examples can help you to write a better biography. However, if you don’t want to spend your time on writing, you can get help from one of the biography writing services such as Essay-Sharks. Each accomplishment, each memorable moment of your life will be presented correctly. With our help, you will have a perfect bio!

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