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What a Great Business Plan Template Should Look Like

A well-designed business plan can become the basis for organizing a business and also help raise funds for the development of the project if it can attract an investor or lender. Below, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to write a business plan, with a description of its most important elements and recommendations for preparation.

What Are Basic Business Plans?

A business plan is a document giving a detailed justification of a project. It provides the ability to comprehensively assess the effectiveness of decisions and planned activities, and answer the question of whether to invest money in a project.

The finished business plan template includes all the elements of the development and functioning of the business for the planning period. The extent to which the idea will be evaluated from the outside, as well as the number of sudden nuances that were not taken into account initially, depends on how thoroughly and correctly the business plan is written when starting the business.

We can say that writing a business plan is half the creation of a business. It contains the details of conducting technological processes, the accounting, and what is going on in the industry, as well as the necessary documentation. Thus, a business plan in simple words is a detailed description of the planned project, containing calculations and expected results for the next few years.

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Business Plan Outline

Depending on the specific nature of the business and the purpose of the document, the number and content of the items of the business plan may vary. A typical business plan usually consists of the following elements:

  1. Title page.

  2. Executive summary.

  3. Company description.

  4. Analysis of the market.

  5. Marketing plan.

  6. Financial plan.

  7. Applications.

How Business Plan Examples Can Help to Start

First you need to clearly define the scope and the product that will be produced by the newly created enterprise and find a business plan sample that describes a similar product and company. A sample should include a preliminary analysis of the market situation in real time and identify niches that are not adequately represented on the market. Choosing one of these niches will lead to successful occupation of your market share in a short time.

How to Write a Business Plan Step by Step

  1. Write an executive summary. This element is always located at the beginning of the business plan and contains some brief information about it, forcing people who decide to familiarize themselves with the contents of the document to arouse interest in it. This is most important when looking for potential investors and lenders.

  2. Describe your company. Include here the main information about your business, the biggest goal, and clients you are going to serve.

  3. Include an analysis of the market. This section usually contains an overview of competition in the selected industry, represented by the number of competing firms and their market shares, product specifics, and sales volume, if any.

  4. Write a marketing plan. Here you need to include such elements as each tool for product promotion, demand analysis, as well as preliminary sales directions, especially when it comes to production.

  5. Write a financial plan. This section of the plan, regardless of the purpose of the document, must be as detailed as possible, since how much the planned cost and revenues in the future will coincide with the real ones depends on it.

  6. Include applications. All possible documents are attached to the plan as applications, confirming the theses expressed by the founder earlier.

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