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Guideline on How to Deal With Dissertation Chapters

Any scientific paper (master’s, candidate, doctoral) consists of a specific structure. Failure to comply with the basic requirements for correct formatting in each section, paragraph, and chapter will end in the disqualification of the dissertation and a waste of additional time spent correcting inaccuracies. We are here to help deal with your dissertation chapters properly.

Where to Start: Dissertation Chapter Outline

Before forming the future structure, the author of the dissertation must make an outline. The main purpose of this paper is to identify the main questions on the research topic that need to be revealed in the future scientific work. Some advice: in developing the outline, the applicant for a degree adheres to the logical sequence of future chapters of a dissertation in education, or any other discipline – this will help to correctly structure the dissertation.

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Mandatory Parts of the Dissertation

The generally recognized norms imply the following structural parts of the dissertation:

  1. Title page.

  2. Annotation.

  3. List of publications on the topic of the dissertation.

  4. Content.

  5. List of conditional abbreviations.

  6. Introduction. This component is around 3-6 pages in volume and is a reflection of the rationale for the chosen topic, with arguments in favor of relevance. The introduction describes the novelty, usefulness, and significance of the study in terms of practical and theoretical perspectives. Important! The introduction contains a rationale for the goals, objectives, subject of research, and its object. These components can undergo significant changes while working on the dissertation. The final wording is carried out at the final stage and in the preparation of the abstract.

  7. The main part, consisting of several (at least two) chapters. The number of chapters differs depending on the specialty.

  8. First chapter. This is an overview of source analysis. The volume of the theoretical part is 20-40 pages. A dissertation analysis chapter structure should include analysis of the selected aspect on the state of the scientific field at the present stage. The material covers the achievements made by other authors and the gaps and ambiguities of the issue, which leads to further research.

  9. Second chapter. According to the requirements, its volume should occupy 8-12 pages. This part is devoted to research methods and includes a description of both the methods themselves and the subjects and objects studied. The equipment used is described in detail, as well as the organization of the experiment itself and methods for obtaining various data. The material presented in this section should not leave questions as to how specific data were obtained.

  10. Third chapter. This is the results chapter of a dissertation. This chapter summarizes the data obtained during the experiment or other ways in a processed form. If we are talking about voluminous research (which is most often characteristic of doctoral dissertations), this part can be supplemented by the following similar sections.

  11. The fourth chapter is a dissertation discussion chapter. In this part two problems are solved. The first is a comparison of the information obtained with the results of previous studies of other authors. The second is a comparison of the data obtained with any previously studied concept. While writing a chapter four for your dissertation, if the results of the study are reliable and conceptually correct, but don’t fit into any of the existing theories, the dissertation is doctoral.

  12. Conclusion chapter of a dissertation. How to conclude a chapter in a dissertation? Ideally, the conclusion describes how to solve the problem you presented. If you don’t know how to write this chapter properly, you should find a conclusion chapter of a dissertation example.

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