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How to Write a Book Review: Details That You Shouldn’t Overlook

Many people want to write competent and quality book reviews. But few people know how to do it right. We will help you figure out how to write a book review.

How to Write a Good Book Review

Before you start writing a book review, you should understand what it is. A review is a critical analysis of a work of any style, containing an assessment of the book. When you start writing a review, you must understand that when writing, not only the final idea of the book is formed for you, but also the first idea of the book is created by people who read your review.

How to Write a Book Review Essay: What to Remember

  • In order to make a good review, you will need to read again the book that you will evaluate.

  • Your assessment should be fair, balancing the advantages and disadvantages of the book.

  • You must have information about the author, title of the book, etc.

  • You must evaluate the actions of the protagonists and their character.

  • It is advisable to stick to the word limit set by your professor.

  • Do not read other people’s opinions on this book. In this way, you can avoid the opinions of others in your review.

  • In no case should you include insults in your review.

  • The review should be made without errors in the text.

  • The conclusion that you made after reading the book should be written.

How to Write an Academic Book Review: Preparation

To learn how to write a book review, an example can help you. Also, you need to read the book fully. A good review requires excellent knowledge of the text, its stylistic features, characters, etc. It is useless to simply read the summary and several ratings for this book. It is best to read the book several times to better understand the text.

Arguments are required to write reviews correctly. Whatever opinion you have, you must clearly select each argument, formulate your thoughts, and state them in your text. For example, if you didn’t like the book, the author’s style, or the character of the protagonists, you have to prove it. Do not worry that your opinion does not coincide with the opinion of others. These are your thoughts, and you have the right to express your opinion, whatever it may be.

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How to Write a Book Review for College: Plan

If you do not know where to start on writing a good review, setting out all your thoughts, then this plan can help you:

  1. Information about the book: its title, author, and year of release.

  2. A small retelling of the content of the work (one to three sentences).

  3. What are your impressions of this book?

  4. Analysis of the work: content, structure, title, etc.

  5. Advantages and disadvantages of the book.

  6. Your assessment and conclusions. Recommendation to readers.

Book Review Writing Process

  1. Introduction. You can insert some quote from the work or briefly describe the plot (“the plot of the book tells how …”).

  2. Main body. Here you can indicate the range of problems considered by the author in the book or the main idea.

  3. Analysis of the book. Here you can show what mood the book sets, and how the time and place of action are connected with the theme of the book.

  4. Conclusion. Here you can tell about your impressions, give an assessment, talk about the relevance of the work, or you can compare the work with other books of the author.

If this guide and book review writing examples didn’t help you, don’t worry, as there is one more way out. Each student who receives our help loves our book review writing service because we deliver only quality papers. Don’t hesitate to place an order – we will write a perfect book review for you.

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