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How to Write a Speech With a Proper Structure

At all times, people respected those who knew how to speak and capture the attention of listeners. Today, the ability to speak nicely is necessary not only for actors and politicians. We are going to tell you how to write a speech for different occasions.

How to Write a Good Speech

A convincing short speech with a demonstrable appeal is the most popular type of speech for any purpose. All people who speak in public understand this, and many have often expressed the view that a good speech is the main way to attract people’s attention. The importance of the ability to briefly and succinctly express your thoughts in speech writing and actively urge the viewer to perform an action is difficult to overestimate.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to learn how to write a graduation speech, or any other type, you need to know its purpose. The purpose of a persuasive speech is to make a change in the listener’s behavior, to influence his or her mind and feelings. A successful speech includes three main stages of preparation:

  • Collection and analysis of information.

  • Writing the speech.

  • Preparation for speaking.

If you have already collected enough material on a topic, and you are going to talk about it with other people in your speech, it is useful to find out the basic principles and rules of creative writing speech.

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How to Write a Speech Outline

  • Introduction

  • Start writing a speech outline from the introduction. Even in antiquity, when the science of rhetoric was in high esteem, people paid special attention to the beginning of a speech, which was then recommended for each speaker to memorize. Moreover, despite the fact that you probably spend the most time creating it, it should sound very natural. For example, you can start:

    • From an interesting or shocking fact on the topic of the speech. You probably noticed how the speakers from whom you studied said something like: did you know …?

    • Immediately placing emphasis on the relevance, importance, and usefulness of what you are going to talk about. And it often sounds something like this: I advise you to listen to my speech to the end, because …

    • By using a well-known expression or proverb on the topic. It will sound great at the beginning. For example, for the topic of a speech, you may have found Napoleon’s aphorism.

  • Main body

  • Include the key concepts and ideas to the main body. If you don’t know how to do it right, find a speech writing template that will help you. Usually, the body contains from two to five main points. Having only one point will make your speech short and uninteresting. In case you have one long point, you need to break it down into smaller ones. Nevertheless, keep in mind that five points is too many for an audience to follow.

  • Conclusion

  • As for the ending of the speech, in this case we are considering composing a short persuasive speech, which should end with an appeal. In order for your speech to convince the listeners, and not allow them to switch their attention, be sure to use metaphors, comparisons, epithets. Immerse your audience in a specific atmosphere or circumstance.

How to Write a Best Man Speech

The basis of writing a best man speech, as a rule, is the story of what the groom was like before meeting the bride and what he became after. Talk about some funny stories from the groom’s background. Also, you may include an argument on why a groom is a good match for the bride. The classic way of writing a best man speech is to make it funny, but not serious.

We hope that our speech writing tips will help you. However, if you have problems with speech writing, one of our writers will accomplish this task for you. Our help will affect the final result in the best possible way. Place an order with us and we will help you with the most complex speeches!

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