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Powered by the broad expertise and profound knowledge of its essay writer squad, Essay-Sharks provides students with first-class academic writing assistance that sets an example for delivering studying help for the industry at large. As the backbone of our service, our writing team features leading experts in professional academic writing.

The Mission Our Essay Writers Hold

Our writing service was conceived with the aim of revamping the conventional norms and standards for providing academic assistance to students. In this regard, the company sticks to the most demanding standards for refined custom writing products. Given that the founders of this organization have experienced the challenges of the ruthless college system firsthand, they are familiar with what a high-quality paper should look like as well as how important it is to be assisted by expert essay writers. Their determination and enthusiasm for making the online writing industry a better place has led them to create an innovative, revolutionary service that has changed the way the traditional writing business is approached.

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This Is What Helps Us Win

At Essay-Sharks, our assistance provides the ultimate range of studying essentials that turn a regular online writing service into a full-fledged, professional assistance company. Let’s gain some insight into the indispensable elements that make up a successful writing organization and what our service so proudly showcases.

  • Advanced Quality

As the defining criterion, the quality of the products provided is treated as a matter of highest importance within our organization. Each order completed by our writing experts is controlled by the company’s supervisory board, which makes sure that the papers comply with the protocol of academic writing developed by Essay-Sharks. Another aspect where the service’s regard for quality manifests is in the competitive work environment we create for our writers to promote proficiency and commitment.

And there’s one more crucial step we take to ensure that our papers comply with the strict standards of academic writing: we take great care in the process of hiring each online essay writer. This is another substantial cornerstone of our success that we will cover in the next section.

  • Qualified Essay Writers

As the most impactful force driving our performance, our writing team is comprised of certified professionals whose knowledge and skill are corroborated by their academic degrees. The writers at our service possess unique capabilities required to develop a compelling piece of scholarly writing. As we emphasized earlier, we employ an unmistakable and modern mechanism for shortlisting our candidates.

Each of the applicants who is willing to contribute their academic savvy to our company in exchange for a decent reward is put through a stringent screening procedure. This allows us to check if they are capable of fulfilling the strict standards of professional writing that we have set.

  • Fair Pricing

The philosophy our service is based on suggests that a company’s integrity and credibility are underlied by its pricing policy in the first place. In this regard, in order to follow the acceptable norms of transparent and dignified academic assistance, Essay-Sharks has implemented a cutting-edge system for setting its prices. The pricing and payment policies at our company are built around the bidding system. Let’s come to grips with what this modern payment mechanism is about.

A bidding system benefits both customers and writers by enabling them to cross the traditional limits of cooperation between the company and its clientele. Through this system, a customer can choose the writer to complete their order by themselves, while a writer is also given freedom in choosing the task they wish to undertake as well as set their own desired price (unless it contradicts the company’s pricing integrity rules) for their work. The price offered by the writer is referred to as a “bid” – and the more attractive the bid and the credentials to the client, the higher the odds that the customer will give their preference to this particular writer over others. As was already mentioned in this section, the prices established by the company’s writers don’t go beyond the pricing standards we adhere to.

  • Total Confidentiality

Another considerable benefit for clients of Essay-Sharks is the reliable privacy protection system we have created based on the most critical principles of cybersecurity. In order to provide our clients with a pleasant and trouble-free experience, we have adopted the latest technologies aimed at protecting them from any possible digital mishap. The company’s Essay-Sharks is protected by one of the industry’s leading cryptographic protocols that ensures the safety of our customers as they proceed with their order completion process.

Aside from this, our company follows another, no less significant, aspect of protecting the sensitive data of our clients. When completing the order form, our customers are not asked to provide the system with their personal information, which increases their safety and confidentiality.

Our Excellent Essay Writers Know What You Need

By applying for professional help to our outstanding essay writer service, you will free yourself from the intimidating burden of studying that college subjects you to. The noble mission that Essay-Sharks holds, along with the spotless assistance it provides to students, has made this organization an exemplar writing organization. Are you interested in experiencing professional writing help from devoted experts? Then contact our essay writer and get started!

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